what is Scrivener?


He is responsible for the preparation of documents submitted comprehensively to the courts and prosecutors’ offices, and for the preparation and submission of documents related to the affairs of the courts and prosecutors’ offices.

Although there are differences between offices, the most common business practice is registered real estate registration, registration of transfer of ownership due to real estate registration-trade, inheritance, and gift, establishment registration, etc. in areas where development is in full swing. The registration of a corporation includes registration of incorporation and registration of change of representative, etc., and next to the registration of a registered company, civil execution

Next, they also apply for a payment order, a small civil case, a preparation letter, a written answer, and a criminal complaint. Although he may act as an agent for an application for a deposit case, an application for purchase in various public auction cases, and an application for a bid, such cases are much less frequent than those mentioned above.

As described below, lawyers also have the authority to perform the duties of lawyers, but they usually do not do well, and even if they do, they are often done by clerks employed by lawyers. When a solicitor’s clerk is scouted by a lawyer, it is often seen doing the above work.

Difference between  lawyer and Scrivener

The biggest difference with other professional lawyers is that lawyers 대전 변호사 have limited legal representation.

Legal experts and lawyers are representative jobs that can provide legal counseling for a fee. Of course, free legal counseling is open to anyone, but if anyone else offers legal counseling for a fee, he or she can be punished for violating the Law of the Attorney General unless otherwise specifically permitted by other laws.

The litigant who has referred the case to the attorney-at-law is eventually required to appear in court in person on the date of the case. However, the civil procedure requires the preparation of pleading in writing so submitting documents prepared by a lawyer to the court has the same effect as a lawyer acting on behalf of a lawsuit. In civil litigation, if the presiding judge did not have difficulty understanding the purpose of the director, answer sheet, or preparation letter, he/she may proceed without asking the relevant party or agent again. Therefore, in some cases, they may win the case without saying a word in court(daejeonlawyer.com).

How to be Scrivener

Among the 15 subjects  of the judicial examination, the subjects of the old judicial examination and the substantive law and the law of litigation are consistent. However, unlike the bar exam or the old judicial examination, there is a difference that the judicial examination sees five additional procedures (the Real Estate Registration Act, the Civil Execution Act, the Commercial Registration and Non-Sending Case Procedure Act, the Family Relations Registration Act, and the Deposit Act) and two additional documents

Still, many subjects overlap, so before the abolition of the bar exam, many test takers who failed the bar exam for a long time often challenged the bar exam as the next best option. Therefore, it was very difficult to estimate the test period of successful applicants, unlike other exams, due to their ability to study for the bar exam and how to include the period of law school in the period of the bar exam. In general, the law firm’s hagwons view the average test period as about four years if a non-lawmaker starts studying for the bar exam.

The registration law and civil enforcement law are vast in quantity, and due to the nature of the procedural law, there are many simple memorization parts for convenience without logical structure. For this reason, the actual statistics also show the largest number of fallouts each year in the subjects of the Civil Execution Act, Commercial Registration and Non-Transportation Procedure Act. This has not changed a single time since the Civil Enforcement Act was reflected in the judicial examination.

Due to its nature, the second round of the judicial exam is organized by the Supreme Court, and the scoring officer is composed of senior judges, so if you follow the opinion of the case, you can get high scores unconditionally. This is the difference from the fact that in the case of the old judicial exam, professors scored, so they had to study based on theory, and they had to be well aware of the precedents.

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