Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

In today’s internet-based world, there’s a huge number of things you can throw your money at. It’s the internet, which means there are plenty of people willing to take your money. The problem is, many of these people have no plans to give you anything worthwhile for that money.

Enter the question of search engine optimization. If you’ve spent any time running a business, then you’ve no doubt heard of SEO. You’ve heard all about how important it is, how it can bring you hundreds of new customers, and how it can cure cancer.

You may not have heard the last one. Still, people will make all manner of claims about SEO. Which begs the question, does search engine optimization work?

That depends on what you want.

Benefits Of SEO

There’s a simple, and a complicated answer to the question of SEO. The simple answer is that no, it won’t get you any new customers.

Question answered then, right? Not really. Because like so many things, SEO¬†Company benefits your business in many ways that can’t be measured in a direct way. Why? Because SEO is an umbrella term. It refers to a set of tactics used to get your business’ website to show up higher on the results list of a larger number of searches.

Studies show that people only click one of the first few links when they do a Google search. Going to the second page is unheard of. SEO works to ensure more people will see your website, and that Google will show your site as relevant to a larger number of searches.

So the complicated answer is that SEO can help you get new customers, but it’s not the only thing you need. You still need to run your business smoothly, entice the customers properly, everything you’re no doubt already doing. SEO directly helps ensure more people notice you doing it.

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