How to agree on traffic accident

A traffic accident that everyone in our lives could have at least once, regardless of whether or not we’re aware of. It can happen anytime, anywhere due to the other person’s carelessness, so you need to be careful when driving or walking at all the time.

If it’s a traffic accident with human casualties, not minor accidents, then the appropriate agreement method will be very important. Therefore, knowing about these contents in advance can be a great help in real life.

First stpe: take care injured person

If there is a traffic accident while driving, the first thing to do is to see if anyone is hurt. If anyone is seriously injured, it is most important to call an ambulance and take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

After calling an ambulance, call the police to clean up the scene of the incident. If the parties resolve a relatively large-scale traffic accident involving casualties, problems can arise later, so they must be handled with the help of police and lawyers(대전 변호사).

It’s good to leave evidence at the scene of the accident. This can be an objective evidence to prove major facts, such as the cause of the accident, during a lawsuit against a traffic accident.

Second step: take a photo and call insurance company

After taking a picture of the accident scene, you have to move the car to a safe place. If the vehicle cannot be moved directly due to a vehicle fault, a tripod, etc. should be erected to notify the site of the accident and the vehicle should be moved to one side via a recovery vehicle by contacting the insurance company.

Failure to do so may result in a secondary accident caused by vehicles running from behind and may cause serious inconvenience to the vehicle. Even if the victim of an accident caused by his or her negligence is okay, he or she must give him or her contact number, take him or her to the hospital, and report it to the police. in this case you need  형사 변호사

In the case of the perpetrator of the car accident, he thinks that it would be advantageous to agree on the condition that the report is not made on the spot without leaving any criminal punishment or insurance records, but this method of agreement is likely to cause the above-mentioned problems later on.

Even if it is a minor accident, it is better not to make an agreement on the spot, and it is desirable to take sufficient follow-up measures for the victims of the accident victims.

third step: Agreement

Conversely, if you are damaged by a car accident, it is better not to rush to sign a contract with the offender’s insurance company. In general, the offender’s insurance company often tries to close the contract quickly. It guarantees the interests of the insurance company and should not allow the insurance company to proceed as desired.

It is recommended that you observe the symptoms of an accident for a long time, complete the hospitalization and discharge treatment, then adjust the appropriate agreement before reaching an agreement. After a car accident, you’ll be fine after routine treatment. I have aftereffects right now, so even if it’s okay right now, I might experience them later.

In this case, a rather large settlement may be made, and the perpetrator’s insurance company does not provide guidance on this first. It is true that most patients are aware of this part of the family, so even if they talk to the insurance company, they are passively acknowledged and paid less than they can actually receive. if  you have a problem contact us at 대전 법무법인

Therefore, in order to properly compensate for aftereffects, objective facts such as a medical certificate and documents that can prove aftereffects should be secured to determine the fault and to calculate and claim damages after accurate diagnosis and sufficient treatment.

The agreement on aftereffects is also a part of the traffic accident agreement that many people make mistakes.Please note that if you agree quickly without considering the aftereffects, you may have to pay for the treatment at your own expense rather than the settlement money.

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