4 Considerations When Choosing Commercial Vinyl Wallpaper For Healthcare Companies

The number of healthcare businesses across the country is varied and continues to grow. While average citizens might just immediately think of optometrists, dentists, and doctors, there are a number of specializations within each field. Eye doctors can specialize in children or senior citizens, orthodontists can cater to routine care or cosmetic dentistry, and physicians specialize in everything from eye, nose, and throat disciplines to cardiologists to newer offices that help hungover and dehydrated individuals replenish fluids through intravenous treatment. One thing all these facilities have in common is the need to decorate their rooms in ways that are appropriate for their business, employees, and patients. Keep reading to learn 4 considerations to take into account when choosing commercial wallcovering for healthcare companies.

1) Is the pattern on the wallpaper going to hurt the eyes of your doctors and employees? The medical professionals on your healthcare company staff might spend all day in windowless rooms looking in patient’s mouths, into their eyes, or at their entire bodies. Any patterns that are on the commercial vinyl wallpaper you choose for your healthcare company needs to not distract from their vision. In fact, if there is any pattern, it should be so bland and nondescript that they do not even notice it anymore.

2) Does the pattern or color calm patients? Anyone going into a healthcare company as a patient is going to be a little uptight and anxious. Going in for a physical can mean confronting a fear of needles or having private parts seen or touched by a stranger. Dentist visits are never considered comfortable or fun, and even an eye doctor appointment can mean the discomfort of something sprayed into your eyes testing for glaucoma or other matters. Whenever possible, the wallpaper you put up in your patient rooms should be tones, patterns, and colors that are subconsciously soothing to your visitors. It might not put them into a Zen-like state, but every little bit helps.

3) Is the wallpaper easy to clean? One reason vinyl is chosen in such cases is because of the simple maintenance and durability. While your doctors are always careful and trained professionals, things are going to happen that make a room dirty. Blood might get spilled or sprayed, a patient might lose control over their bowels, and sick individuals battling illness might vomit at any moment. Kids that are too young to know better might even urinate up and down the wall. The right commercial vinyl wallpaper you put up in your healthcare company is one that your technicians and custodial or janitorial staff can clean quickly and easily.

4) Is the wallpaper hygienic? You want the vinyl wallpaper to be breathable to a degree so that moisture does not permeate and linger in patient rooms. Since these rooms are often exposed to illness and unwanted virus and bacteria, you don’t want these bugs hanging out overnight on the walls, even if the rest of the room was disinfected.

Now that you know 4 critical considerations to watch out for, you can choose the right commercial vinyl wallpaper for your healthcare company.

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