Where Can You Go To Research Job Vacancies in Occupational Therapy?

If you are looking for a SLP jobs in occupational therapy, then you will need to invest some time into finding the right job options – and proving that you are qualified.

Occupational therapy is something that a lot of people enjoy working in – there are some degrees that you can earn – including Dance Movement therapy,  health promotion therapy, ergonomists, sports therapy, and high-intensity therapy as well as other similar specialists.

It’s important to understand that there is a significant work experience requirement built into any form of occupational therapy degree. Usually, people will spend about 1,000 hours under the supervision of a qualified occupational therapist, and then outside of the level it is considered good form to work on volunteer experience – getting time with vulnerable groups that can help you to develop your communication skills and learn how to deal with a broad range of types of people.

Many paid work opportunities can be used to gain basic experience – including social work, residential homes, and placements in hospitals.

Often, you can get a placement via your university that will lead to a ABA Therapist jobs NYC. Otherwise, there is the option of going for jobs with the local government in hospitals or the civil service. You can find employment with private employers as well, and some specializations are worth exploring, such as disability aids, inclusion, rehabilitation and even injury work.

Be sure to look at continuing personal development, and at your options for joining professional bodies in your country. This is how you will get the most valuable experience, and the chance to truly further your career. Some people opt to do some postgraduate study or a master’s degree before entering the workforce.

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