what is Scrivener?


He is responsible for the preparation of documents submitted comprehensively to the courts and prosecutors’ offices, and for the preparation and submission of documents related to the affairs of the courts and prosecutors’ offices.

Although there are differences between offices, the most common business practice is registered real estate registration, registration of transfer of ownership due to real estate registration-trade, inheritance, and gift, establishment registration, etc. in areas where development is in full swing. The registration of a corporation includes registration of incorporation and registration of change of representative, etc., and next to the registration of a registered company, civil execution

Next, they also apply for a payment order, a small civil case, a preparation letter, a written answer, and a criminal complaint. Although he may act as an agent for an application for a deposit case, an application for purchase in various public auction cases, and an application for a bid, such cases are much less frequent than those mentioned above.

As described below, lawyers also have the authority to perform the duties of lawyers, but they usually do not do well, and even if they do, they are often done by clerks employed by lawyers. When a solicitor’s clerk is scouted by a lawyer, it is often seen doing the above work.

Difference between  lawyer and Scrivener

The biggest difference with other professional lawyers is that lawyers 대전 변호사 have limited legal representation.

Legal experts and lawyers are representative jobs that can provide legal counseling for a fee. Of course, free legal counseling is open to anyone, but if anyone else offers legal counseling for a fee, he or she can be punished for violating the Law of the Attorney General unless otherwise specifically permitted by other laws.

The litigant who has referred the case to the attorney-at-law is eventually required to appear in court in person on the date of the case. However, the civil procedure requires the preparation of pleading in writing so submitting documents prepared by a lawyer to the court has the same effect as a lawyer acting on behalf of a lawsuit. In civil litigation, if the presiding judge did not have difficulty understanding the purpose of the director, answer sheet, or preparation letter, he/she may proceed without asking the relevant party or agent again. Therefore, in some cases, they may win the case without saying a word in court(daejeonlawyer.com).

How to be Scrivener

Among the 15 subjects  of the judicial examination, the subjects of the old judicial examination and the substantive law and the law of litigation are consistent. However, unlike the bar exam or the old judicial examination, there is a difference that the judicial examination sees five additional procedures (the Real Estate Registration Act, the Civil Execution Act, the Commercial Registration and Non-Sending Case Procedure Act, the Family Relations Registration Act, and the Deposit Act) and two additional documents

Still, many subjects overlap, so before the abolition of the bar exam, many test takers who failed the bar exam for a long time often challenged the bar exam as the next best option. Therefore, it was very difficult to estimate the test period of successful applicants, unlike other exams, due to their ability to study for the bar exam and how to include the period of law school in the period of the bar exam. In general, the law firm’s hagwons view the average test period as about four years if a non-lawmaker starts studying for the bar exam.

The registration law and civil enforcement law are vast in quantity, and due to the nature of the procedural law, there are many simple memorization parts for convenience without logical structure. For this reason, the actual statistics also show the largest number of fallouts each year in the subjects of the Civil Execution Act, Commercial Registration and Non-Transportation Procedure Act. This has not changed a single time since the Civil Enforcement Act was reflected in the judicial examination.

Due to its nature, the second round of the judicial exam is organized by the Supreme Court, and the scoring officer is composed of senior judges, so if you follow the opinion of the case, you can get high scores unconditionally. This is the difference from the fact that in the case of the old judicial exam, professors scored, so they had to study based on theory, and they had to be well aware of the precedents.

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How to agree on traffic accident

A traffic accident that everyone in our lives could have at least once, regardless of whether or not we’re aware of. It can happen anytime, anywhere due to the other person’s carelessness, so you need to be careful when driving or walking at all the time.

If it’s a traffic accident with human casualties, not minor accidents, then the appropriate agreement method will be very important. Therefore, knowing about these contents in advance can be a great help in real life.

First stpe: take care injured person

If there is a traffic accident while driving, the first thing to do is to see if anyone is hurt. If anyone is seriously injured, it is most important to call an ambulance and take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

After calling an ambulance, call the police to clean up the scene of the incident. If the parties resolve a relatively large-scale traffic accident involving casualties, problems can arise later, so they must be handled with the help of police and lawyers(대전 변호사).

It’s good to leave evidence at the scene of the accident. This can be an objective evidence to prove major facts, such as the cause of the accident, during a lawsuit against a traffic accident.

Second step: take a photo and call insurance company

After taking a picture of the accident scene, you have to move the car to a safe place. If the vehicle cannot be moved directly due to a vehicle fault, a tripod, etc. should be erected to notify the site of the accident and the vehicle should be moved to one side via a recovery vehicle by contacting the insurance company.

Failure to do so may result in a secondary accident caused by vehicles running from behind and may cause serious inconvenience to the vehicle. Even if the victim of an accident caused by his or her negligence is okay, he or she must give him or her contact number, take him or her to the hospital, and report it to the police. in this case you need  형사 변호사

In the case of the perpetrator of the car accident, he thinks that it would be advantageous to agree on the condition that the report is not made on the spot without leaving any criminal punishment or insurance records, but this method of agreement is likely to cause the above-mentioned problems later on.

Even if it is a minor accident, it is better not to make an agreement on the spot, and it is desirable to take sufficient follow-up measures for the victims of the accident victims.

third step: Agreement

Conversely, if you are damaged by a car accident, it is better not to rush to sign a contract with the offender’s insurance company. In general, the offender’s insurance company often tries to close the contract quickly. It guarantees the interests of the insurance company and should not allow the insurance company to proceed as desired.

It is recommended that you observe the symptoms of an accident for a long time, complete the hospitalization and discharge treatment, then adjust the appropriate agreement before reaching an agreement. After a car accident, you’ll be fine after routine treatment. I have aftereffects right now, so even if it’s okay right now, I might experience them later.

In this case, a rather large settlement may be made, and the perpetrator’s insurance company does not provide guidance on this first. It is true that most patients are aware of this part of the family, so even if they talk to the insurance company, they are passively acknowledged and paid less than they can actually receive. if  you have a problem contact us at 대전 법무법인

Therefore, in order to properly compensate for aftereffects, objective facts such as a medical certificate and documents that can prove aftereffects should be secured to determine the fault and to calculate and claim damages after accurate diagnosis and sufficient treatment.

The agreement on aftereffects is also a part of the traffic accident agreement that many people make mistakes.Please note that if you agree quickly without considering the aftereffects, you may have to pay for the treatment at your own expense rather than the settlement money.

The best places to find a lawyer

Finding Lawyer

Most of us will face some kind of legal threat at some point. If the problem is very complicated or involves a lot of money, you can consider hiring a lawyer rather than dealing with it yourself. Choosing the right lawyer is crucial to the outcome of the case, and it is sometimes difficult to obtain a lawyer.

Lawyers are not just criminals or those in litigation. They can also only provide advice to people who need expert advice. Lawyers can also protect their clients from situations that might cause them problems later. Good lawyers are said to not only get you out of trouble but also help you avoid them.

Finding a good lawyer(대전 변호사) can be difficult. The biggest problem most people face when looking for a lawyer is finding a lawyer who is an expert in a specific area where they need experience. Here are some of the best resources available to help you find a lawyer that suits your needs.

Personal references

Oral speech and referrals from people who may have encountered a similar problem is one of the easiest ways to choose potential attorneys in any case. These individuals can communicate any positives or difficulties encountered in their dealings with a specific lawyer or law firm.

Lawyer referral services

Lawyer referral is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a lawyer. These companies maintain a database of lawyers who register for the services they perform along with their fees. This enables individuals to search through the database for a lawyer who suits their needs.

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Other lawyers

Most lawyers know many other lawyers who specialize in different areas of practice. They can recommend other lawyers who can help you with your specific needs for advice. However, attorneys often get referral fees when they refer a case to another lawyer who may have an influence on their decision about whom to recommend them.

Ads and yellow pages

You can also check the yellow pages and newspaper ads in your search for a lawyer. Most ads inform you of the services that lawyers provide, and a quick call will usually help you see their fees. On the other hand, many reputable lawyers do not advertise in newspapers or yellow pages.

Internet resources

Many websites offer a way to contact lawyers(대전 법무법인) based on your location and the type of legal case you have. Most law firms today have websites that provide legal services. This benefits people by providing local lawyers for their claims.

Hiring the right lawyer at first puts you on the right path out of your troubles. Find expertise, references, and passion for discussing issues with you before committing.

How to hire lawyer

Tips For Finding The Perfect Lawyer Your Legal Representation.


There are many things to consider, as you are looking for the ideal lawyer for you. You have to keep in mind that there are many things you should learn. Each lawyer you consider hiring before you make it official.

You should not give your money to a lawyer that you have not adequately examined, because you cannot be sure that they will be able to represent you legally. You need to make sure that you are looking at all the options available, and you also have a good idea. What will help you make the best decisions. There are many things to consider, but include three tips that I will be giving you today;

Always ask questions

Knowing how you will be able to assess an attorney with questions can give you a good idea. how the process will get you there. Make sure to ask them about their personal experience and try to get an idea of the customer service they will be able to provide you with. There are many things to consider when starting a possible or higher lawyer questioning. Including how much experience they have in situations like yours.


Look for Lawyers with experience.

One great thing about attorneys(대전 형사 변호사) is that a lot of the other business will be a matter of a public record. There are many things to consider when examining their experience. How often do individuals represent a situation similar to yours?

How often have these cases ended up with a positive result for the customer who hired them? These are all things that you should consider while evaluating attorneys to help you ensure that you make the right decision. The more time and effort you can put in evaluating experienced people. The better chance you will have to make the right decision.


Willing to put in time and effort

Also, you must make sure that you are ready to take the time and effort to reach the right decision. Many people are unable to allocate time and effort, as a result of which they end up with a secondary lawyer(대전 법무법인). However, if you are willing to set aside time and effort, you can be sure that in the long run, you will have a better overall opportunity to have a lawyer who can represent you accurately.

Investment Lawyer is Probable Sort of Support.

The investment process is made to obtain the best possible return on the funds invested in a type of project. Well, this mission is gratifying to people; Unfortunately, however, some people tend to fall into a significant problem by confronting fraudulent investment companies.

These types of companies deal with the promotion of a profitable kind of plan and policy, which yields excellent benefits. Some plans promise double benefits with additional services. When viewing, many people tend to be attracted to glossy features and deposit vast amounts of money in these companies.

By doing this, they are less aware of the fact that these investment companies are a complete scam and have the intention to withdraw your money without any profitable returns. So this is the stage that requires people to get help from an experienced investment lawyer.


This is the growing pursuit of the people that deceptive companies benefit from and entice them with meaningful investment plans. The plans they endorse of reaping the most significant benefits more than double the amount as a return. With such a wonderful promise and cheerful features, it is very likely that any investor will eventually be fascinated by them and tend to put money with the company.

However, he may not be aware that the company is ready to juggle people and manipulate their money. This type of stressful situation can lead to the support of an investment lawyer. The lawyer was calling to meet with the investment company to cancel the fraud.

It will also assist the plaintiff in gathering the necessary evidence to make the case sufficiently robust. Besides, he was also gathering some information about the company’s contour as well as its employees. This will help the person win the case over his opponent, get lost money, as well as the disguised amount of compensation for the annoying setback.

Investment Lawyer

To the extent that the importance of an investment lawyer(대전변호사.com) is comprehensive, one must realize that counsel supervises fraud speculation cases in two specialized ways, such as litigation or arbitration and criminal evaluation. Lawyers only come with extensive knowledge of both methods.

He is the only person who is aware of all the licensing rules and regulations. These vital to follow up during the investment that takes place between two companies or between the investor and the government. An investment attorney is efficient in dealing with individual investment issues involved.

Before submitting cash on any comprehensive scheme. It is recommended that you know about all the trick, legal, and deportation law to get a unique type of investment outcome. An investment attorney is the best potential contract one can think of, to provide specialist services from planning policies.

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